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Are you a woman looking for an all-time versatile pair of shorts? 

Do you struggle with compromised-quality shorts that wear off within a few days of usage?

Don’t worry, you have landed at the right place! 

Heka's shorts for women are constructed with groundbreaking technology of seamless interlaced with mois-tech, cool-tech qualities, which aids in lowering body temperature by up to 5 degrees during high-intensity workouts, keeping your body sweat-free, dry and cool while allowing maximum movement.  

Summers are here and so is the time to slip on your favourite pair of shorts with cool printed T-shirts. If you are a jogger, a lover of high-intensity workouts, a yoga lover, hiking, a basketball player, or even walking in the town with your friends and lovely dogs, Heka’s seamless shorts with their exceptional quality fabric are knitted with the world’s finest polyamide 66 fulgar yarn. These can be your go-to shorts that promise super comfort with their featherlight feel on the body! 

Shorts are a quintessential pairing of clothing for every woman. A pool market of different types of shorts is brought for different purposes. The activewear is also a popular choice at times when ladies want seamless shorts to wear under dresses that would show no to fewer lines underneath the clothing accentuating a clean finish look. Heka’s all-inclusive collection of seamless shorts for ladies is an ideal fit for a wide variety of shots such as:- night shorts for women, active shorts for women, gym shorts for women, knee-length shorts for women, and high-waisted shorts for women. Shop your favourite piece from Heka’s seamless shorts collection which includes:-
Heka Women Functional Compression Shorts Heka Seamless Workout Gym Exercise Compression Yoga Berry Short
Heka Breathable Ultrasoft & Ultra comfort, Active cycling shorts 
Heka Seamless Breathable & Dries Quick Training Leopard

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A lot of conversations in the world go about following good diets, lifestyles, and routines. But what about the wrong piece of clothing you’re subjecting your body to? Why let your body suffer in tight and wrong fits when Heka’s seamless shorts are there to your f rescue! 

Heka women shorts are extremely comfortable, functional, embedded with the latest technologies, and knitted with world-class functional yarns like 6.6 polyamide yarns from the worldwide best manufacturers like Fulgar & Nilit specially imported from Sri Lanka, Israel and Italy etc. The panels of ventilation in the cloth let you blow off steam while sweating it out.  

Shorts have a great fandom all around the globe owing to their ability to quick styling and bestow unparalleled comfort. With elastic high-rise waistbands giving an ultra-soft feel to your waist, the garment assures no slippages and slithering off of the fabric during training sessions. 

Heka’s seamless cycling shorts

Say hello to the training cycling shorts by Heka that come in a perfect length to mix and match with your favourite crop tops, tank tops, camisoles and oversized tees. 

Heka’s ultrasoft and ultra comfort breathable active cycling shorts are non-padded shorts, the best compression gear that reduces chafing abrasions and increases endurance, an ideal match for an everyday cyclist.  

Heka’s seamless shorts offer great performance during high-intensity physical workouts. The seamless construction with no seams, no sewing, and no stitches make the seamless gym shorts perfect sporting apparel that powers the best workouts and training sessions. The anti-odour and anti-microbial properties offer superior skin hygiene, retarding the growth of bacteria and microbes, making these breathable seamless shorts an ideal fit for long-duration workouts.  

The ribbed and airline structure of the active shorts for women is available in various sizes and designs to uniquely fit and flatter every size. The Heka breathable optimum moisture management with sweat-wicking properties, seamless stretch and zero distraction designs let you lift in comfort and support daily. Unleash your wild side to reach your truest potential with Heka’s seamless shorts.  

Enjoy oh-so-fresh snug designs of Heka’s lineup of girls shorts online that can be worn as gym wear, sportswear, beachwear, and daily wear. The stylish women shorts online are available in various colours and can add a sassy touch to your workout look, helping you move with confidence! 

Shop now from our latest collection! 

Women Shorts - FAQs

What are seamless shorts?

Ans. Heka’s Seamless garments are made with a special technology of the seamless, that is, no sewing, no stitches, and no seams. The lack of seams shows no to fewer lines underneath the cloth, ensuring extreme comfort as the body moves. The seamless workout shorts for girls integrated with moisture-wicking, cool-tech, and antimicrobial properties help in keeping the body temperature down when engaged during extensive workout sessions.  

What is the use of seamless shorts? 

Ans. Heka’s seamless shorts for girls are multi-purpose shorts. Buying one short can simplify your life for a range of activities. Heka’s shorts serves the purpose of seamless biker shorts, seamless shorts to wear under dresses, seamless shorts for yoga, seamless shorts to wear to work, women gym shorts, night shorts for women, and sports shorts for women. We also have knee-length shorts and high wasted shorts for women

Can I find my size?

Ans. A right size guide is given in every product’s description. Sizes in S, M, L, and XL are available. In order to find more please refer to the size guide. 

What does the seamless fabric consist of?

Ans. Heka women shorts are extremely comfortable, functional, embedded with the latest technologies, and knitted with world-class functional yarns like 6.6 polyamide yarns from the worldwide best manufacturers like Fulgar & Nilit specially imported from Sri Lanka, Israel and Italy etc. The panels of ventilation in the cloth let you blow off steam while sweating it out. 

How to care for my seamless shorts? 

Ans. Heka’s Seamless shorts for women can be machine washed. Do not tumble dry or bleach your shorts. Always refer to the instructions that are provided for the cloth.

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