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Are you looking for an evergreen multipurpose crop top? Are you bored of wearing the same monotonous outfits to your gym and training sessions? At Heka, we make crop top for women that ensure a wrap front fit while training hard, not hot. Powered by cool tech fabric of rapid drying with advanced seamless technology, the crop top gives you freedom from unwanted seams, sewings and stitches, making the snug fit of the ultra-smooth fabric sit on your body like a second skin.  

Did you know a fabric that can let you blow off steam to change your workout sessions from hot to cool in no time? If not, you will be surprised that Heka’s seamless crop top for girls fabric is knitted with the World Finish Polyamide 66 Fulgar yarn. The fabric has panels for ventilation that can reduce the body temperature by up to 5 degrees making your workout sessions breezy and cool!  

Whether you are on a casual outing, meeting up with friends, going to the gym, or training to reach that excellence mark for the passionate sportswomen in you, a women’s crop top is the perfect piece of clothing to opt for. Heka’s seamless crop tops can be paired with a stylish pair of shorts or leggings to take your style a notch up! With moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties, the trendy crop tops enable comfortable long-duration workouts in lieu of keeping the wearer odour free. 

There are a lot of ways to wear crop tops, nowadays a crop top with skirt tops all the charts. In addition to this, a crop top blouse is also very popular among fashion-forward ladies. Shop your favourite piece of crop tops online from Heka’s high-quality seamless crop tops that include:- Heka Arithmetic Multi Straps Crop Top
Heka 3D Stripes Reversible Crop Top
Heka Breathable Leopard -Camo Structured Seamless Crop Top
Heka Seamless Ultralight Comfort-Fit Ever-Lux Melange Crop-Top

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Crop Top

Buy latest women's crop top online- A perfect addition to your closet

Heka’s breezy and lightweight crop top gives your body unrestricted movement with its 4-way streatchable fabric. The seamless crop top is an ideal top for all fitness enthusiasts out there! The super-light fabric built with high-quality fulgar yarns delivers superior coverage with ample support in every way and without weighing you down during high-intensity weightlifting and workout sessions. Crop top for women is a go-to apparel for ladies with a daring fashion sense. The cool crop tops can be effortlessly teamed up with your favourite pair of jeans or skirt. 

If you search for womens top online, you’ll get a plethora of options to choose from. But there is no one like Heka! Heka’s unique formulation of its seamless crop tops boils down to the integration of 3 technologies. The moist-tech property allows scope for moisture management due to its sweat-wicking properties and controlling body odour to give you a fresh feel with a breezy cool effect all day long! 

Not only this, the cool-tech and nano silver tech is an anti-microbial technology that inhibits the growth of germs and infections and promotes superior skin hygiene, a perfect match to keep the wearer dry and cool during hot and active workouts.  

The seamless fabric

No stitches, no sewing and no seams, that’s seamless. Heka’s seamless technology-powered crop tops are such that they conform smoothly to every individual shape and produce fewer to no lines underclothes to give a streamlined perfect look. The breathable fabric of the trendy crop tops is extremely comfortable, functional, embedded with the latest technologies, and knitted with world-class functional yarns like 6.6 polyamide yarns from the worldwide best manufacturers like Fulgar & Nilit specially imported from Sri Lanka, Israel and Italy etc.  


Buy crop top online, available in all sizes from Heka online store. Heka’s extensive collection of crop tops contains all sizes such as:- small size, crop top medium size, crop top for plus size. Style a crop top with skirt or jeans to accentuate your curves and leave a mark wherever you go with your fashion statement.   

Heka’s Women Crop designs to check out

A crop top blouse generally ending at the midriff is a perfect piece of fashion that inextricably  forms a balance between a bold style and cuteness. If your shy nature makes your belly feel exposed, try pairing Heka’s crop top for girls with shrugs during an event, party or casual function. The super comfort and the cosy feel bestowed by Heka’s lineup of seamless crop tops make it perfect to wear not only for your workouts but also donning them as loungewear at home.  

Single strap crop top

Heka’s seamless single-strap crop tops give you excellence in exercise and enhance your performance with extra freedom for elevated results with the breezy easy-built fabric. The elastic belt sits right above your midriff in a wrap front fit, ensuring no slippages and the gliding of the fabric.  

Multi-strap crop top 

With UV protection and ultra soft feel, the breeze Nylon66 yarn incorporated in the multi-strap crop top helps to maintain a comfortable body temperature during/after a physical performance in hot weather. The multi-straps are designed to support your body well during intense workout sessions.  

Full sleeves crop top 

Heka’s full sleeves crop top is made for lifting and unleashing your wild side. Sweat-wicking fabric, seamless stretch, and zero-distraction designs let you lift in comfort and support every day, in every way.  

Enjoy comfortable world-class designs from Heka’s lineup of crop top online that can be worn as gym wear, sportswear, beachwear, and daily wear. The fancy crop tops are available in various colours and can add a sassy touch to your workout look, helping you move with confidence! 

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Women Crop Top - FAQs

Q1. What is a seamless crop top?

Ans. Heka’s crop tops are designed with the advanced technology of the seamless which ensures no seams, no stitches and no sewings, producing no to fewer lines underneath the cloth. With mois-tech and cool-tech properties, the crop top comes packed with moisture-wicking properties wrapped in an elastic wrap front fit.  

Q2. Is a crop top a T-shirt

Ans. A crop top is different from T-shirt such that a crop top only covers up to the mid-riff region whereas a T-shirt for women is made to cover your whole upper body.  

Q3. Is sports bra a crop top? 

Ans. While both sports bras and crop tops are made to provide support, a sports bra ensures a wrapped fit front especially made to support your breasts during high-intensity workouts, while a crop top can be used for workouts with average intensity. Also, crop tops online can be worn to parties, events, or gathering reflecting your unique style. 

Q4. What are the sizes available in seamless crop top?

Ans. Buy crop top online, available in all sizes from Heka online store. Heka’s extensive collection of crop tops contains all sizes such as:- small size, crop top medium size, and crop top for plus size. Style a crop top with skirt or jeans to accentuate your curves and leave a mark wherever you go with your fashion statement.   

Q5. How to care for my crop top?

Ans. Heka’s seamless crop top for women can be machine washed. Do not tumble dry or bleach your shorts. Always refer to the instructions that are provided for the cloth.

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