Our Technology


It is four-dimensional stretchable, extremely comfortable, and fits like another skin, Its unique technology keeps you cool and dry during rigorous workout sessions.

  • Cooling effect- Helps maintain a comfortable body temperature during/after a physical performance and in hot weather.
  • facilitates optimal physical performance by providing efficient ventilation.
  • UV Protection-Result from the unique polymers.
Cooltech image
Cooltech image

The Cooling Effect of Cool-Tech derives from a combination of factors:

  • Flat cross-section structure -The wide surface area quickly transfers body heat.
  • The unique polymer which includes inorganic micron particles- Increases surface area and forms small channels to promote cooling
  • Special texturing process- Creates a low-bulk yarn that gives garments maximum breathability and ventilation.


It provides optimal moisture management with Long-lasting wicking properties and controls natural odor. which results in rapid moisture absorption. Mois-tech technology transports moisture away from the skin, through the garment and out toward the air to keep the wearer feeling comfortable and dry.

Moistech image
Moistech image
  • Special triple-T cross-section increases fiber surface area for rapid absorption
  • Micro-channels create a capillary effect to wick moisture.
  • Unique hydrophilic properties promote quick evaporation

Nano Silver Tech

This Fabric is Incorporated with high purity active silver antimicrobial technology, with Continuous release of silver ions and no shedding of elemental silver, which inhibits the growth of germs and infection and promotes better health as well as hygiene.

NanoSilver-Tech Technology helps keep wearers fresh during hot weather and active workouts, feeling them from bacteria and odors and keeping them confident and comfortable.

NanoSilver image
NanoSilver image
  • Reduce the growth of odor-causing bacteria that come into contact with the garment.
  • The fine yarn delivers a smooth, comfortable feeling.
  • Extremely durable, standing up to rough treatment.
  • Maintains its odor-fighting properties through numerous washings.


This is high-performance polyamide material that offers advanced sweat-wicking & cooling capabilities, the Fastest-drying fabric to wick away sweat before you notice it’s there and keep you sweat-free even during a tough workout

Dry-Tech features a high-performance construction that allows moisture and air to circulate around the body. (Dry-Tech: Dry Innovative Technology.) Previously, cotton was the primary fabric used to make athletic clothes, which often clung to the athlete’s body and affected performance by slowing athletes down. Dry-Tech Technology actually wicks away sweat from the body and onto the fabric where it can evaporate, leaving skin cooler and drier.

DryTech image
DryTech image


This is an advanced process of knitting fabric for garments. seamless apparel construction focuses on supporting muscles in all the right places. The cloth is more comfortable, the fit is more composed, and it offers elasticity that helps your movements flow.

  • Seamless garments conform smoothly to your individual shape and produce fewer lines underclothes to allow for a more streamlined silhouette.
  • The softness of seamless knitwear combined with the use of antimicrobial and hydrophilic yarns create the best features for an activewear garment.